Solutions for Cancer and

Medical Related Hair Loss

Hair Loss Facts

We Understand Your Hair Loss

The mission of Chuck Alfieri is to support cancer and all medical hair loss patients in taking care of their emotional an aesthetic needs during treatment and beyond.

We work with people with all kinds of cancer in all phases of their recovery. We have many solutions for your immediate hair loss needs and hair loss recovery needs.

Chuck Alfieri will work with each individual to custom design a hair loss program that best suits them.

Cancer Hair Loss

We specialize in nonsurgical hair replacement services for clients who have been exposed to: Chemotherapy, Radiation, Alopecia and Reconstruction.

Some cancer treatments may cause the loss of some or all of your hair (alopecia). For instance, while chemotherapy attacks rapidly-growing cancer cells, some chemotherapy drugs may also damage healthy cells, such as hair follicles. The loss of hair may include scalp, axillary, public and body hair. Radiation therapy may cause hair loss in the area that is treated.

1. First Stage of Hair Loss

Chuck will duplicate the hair you lost by custom designing the highest quality human hair wigs which will look and feel exactly like your own hair. You will need to come in for a monthly or bi-monthly service to maintain your new look.

2. Second Stage of Hair Loss. Recovery.

When your hair starts to grow back, we will do a scalp and hair analysis and use laser therapy to speed up the hair regrowth recovery. (97% accelerated regrowth rate). We offer an integration or micro extension product specifically designed for this stage of hair loss recovery.

3. Third Stage of Hair Loss. Wellness & Salon.

Your own hair is now grown back and long enough to create a beautiful style and color. Our highly skilled colorists and stylists will customize the right look for you. All of our products are natural and certified organic.

Fortunately, your hair will almost always grow back after treatment is complete. Regrowth usually occurs in six to eight weeks after completion of therapy. It is common for hair to grow back a slightly different color ad texture at first.

Our atmosphere is private so each technician is focused n your needs and are compassionate towards each and every clients privacy.

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