Modern, Refined, Inclined to Demand Perfections

Clients who want to be as light and clear as possible. Blondes who want to make a bold statement with their color. Clients who want to totally blonde rather than highlighted.

You usually see yourself as modern, intellectual and highly sophisticated. Perfection is high on your list of priorities and your pale complexion underlines the refinement of your total look. The blonde client wants a multi-dimensional color that will complement her personal style. Healthy hair that looks in great condition is very important to her.

Luxury Blonde
Blonde highlight clients who want to have perfect, dimensional highlights that look natural. Clients with natural blonde hair that want to recapture its youthful vibrance and multi-tonal reflections. Condition and shine conscious blonde highlight clients wanting even and consistent results. Classic blonde highlight clients wishing for a subtle change while remaining blonde.

Field of Application
Lightening of natural virgin hair or color-treated hair with a base of 6-8 for multi-dimensional lighter results.
Re-touch application possible at the next visit.

Integration of neutral to warm gold blonde to create luminous, light color contrasts and color texture. Soft, filtering, fluid blonde highlights moving across a natural-looking background foundation. Integration of Topchic Ultra-Blondes for maximum lightness and tone within a single-step highlighting service.

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