Brunette clients wishing to add life to their brown while keeping the overall color character. Fashion conscious brunette clients who want a fashion look without changing dramatically. Clients wishing to be brunette without warm overtones.

Field of Application
Natural virgin or color-treated hair with a base of 3-5 for fashion coloring on dark hair with medium to lighter accents.
Retouch application possible at the next visit.

Color flow of harmonious shades graduating from deep, medium to light levels. Cool brown shade selections prevent unwanted warm brown or copper reflects. Shine enrichment with added color character from the subtle to intensive depending on client need.

Brown clients tend to favor classical chic and strive for a natural lifestyle and inner calm. However, this does not mean they are not also after the exotic; despite their cool elegance and calm exterior, they are deeply emotional people. The brown client wants to subtly enhance her hair, but not at the expense of her natural looks. A color should add interest to her hair which must maintain its natural vitality and shine.

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