Red clients are the most vivacious personalities within the color spectrum. They are outrageously individual, sometimes even dramatic, and strong people who love to turn heads. Color serves the purpose of enhancing her personality: color must be dynamic and extroverted. The red client values individuality and shine as much as durability and condition.

Vibrance Red Service
Clients who want rich, spirited warm red reflects. Redheads who want glowing, individual reflects that show intense character and high quality condition. Clients wishing to overcome the red browning out and retaining the unique red color character

Field of Application
Natural virgin hair and color-treated hair with a base of 6-8 for fashion coloring with medium to lighter effects. Re-touch application possible at the next visit

Gold and copper color flow of harmonious shades graduating from medium to light levels. Vibrant filtering warm red shades add quality, richness and impact to warm medium brown, flat red and blonde hair. Interesting color-play woven within an overall copper look integrating Topchic Max Red shades and mix tones to give diversity and power.

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