Alfieri Extensions

The highest quality human hair extensions in the world. Direct from Rome, Italy with NEW invisible attachment.


The Most Aggressive Treatments for
Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

NEW Invisiderm Non-surgical Hair Replacement


Cancer Related Hair Loss

Permanently attached custom wigs
using a unique 3 step process.
#1 oncologist choice.


Alfieri Extensions

The highest quality human hair extensions in the world.
Direct from Rome, Italy. New invisible attachment.


Stop Your Hairloss

The latest and most aggressive treatments for hair loss and regrowth



You can now purchase our Chuck Alfieri Hair Collection products
from home or your mobile device.


The NEW Invisiderm Collection

The non-surgical way of recreating a natural hairline.


"The greatest technical advancement in Hair Restoration."

Robotic Precision, Control and Reproducibility Image-Guided Alignment & High-Resolution Digital Imaging Minimally Invasive with No Linear Scar


It’s time to do something about your hair loss.

Chuck Alfieri Salon is an incredibly unique establishment offering the latest in medical and clinically proven treatments to help reverse your hair loss and thinning hair. We have put together the best network of doctors who specialize in hair loss and surgical hair restoration and offer amazing salon type treatments like color and styling for men & women with extremely thin hair. My hair extension team is ranked top ten in the world offering very unique, super high quality human hair extensions from Europe. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

Chuck Alfieri

Hair Extensions

Award Winning Extension Salon. As seen in New York and Miami Fashion Week. Chuck Alfieri works with the hottest celebrities in show business.

Micro Extensions

Made for women with extremely thin hair. Will not damage existing hair. Great for hairline, top of the head or full head volume.

Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatments

The complete solution to treat hair loss & thinning hair and stimulate hair regrowth. New & incredibly effective PRP stem-cell injections.

Cancer Related Hair Loss Solutions

We work with all of South Florida’s leading oncologists. European handmade wigs styled by award winning stylists.

Surgical Microfollicular Hair Transplantation

This procedure is proven to be of the safest and most effective hair transplant methods. Outstanding results that will last a lifetime.

Non-surgical Men’s Hair Replacement

The new micro thin invisiderm collection. For men who wear hair systems and want the very best.

Platinum Signature Salon – Voted By Great Lengths – Top 10 Salons In America

The #1 Oncologist Choice for Solutions for Cancer Related Hair Loss

Stimulate Regrowth for Hair Loss & Thin Hair – 97% Success Rate

Amazing Service! I came here for extensions and I walked away with a lifelong salon. Its so hard to find a salon that truly cares about you and doesn't want to just steal your money. Chuck is so nice and is there for you throughout the whole process. He makes sure you walk away happy. I am just one of many happy customers 🙂

Camille B.

Best Hair Extensions Ever! I wanted the best hair extensions I could find. I did a ton of research online and spoke with many salons. When I saw Salon Alfieri I was shocked. After leaving the salon my hair looks super healthy, thick, and full of volume! Super happy! Thank you Chuck!!!!!!

Amy P.

All my life, I've dreamed of having a full head of long hair that I could curl and style; and Chuck Alfieri and his talented staff have made that dream come true. I couldn’t be happier! Many Thanks!

Cathy D.

I'm so happy i got my hair extensions, I finally love my hair. Chuck Alfieri, not only has a amazing Salon, he has amazing staff. I so happy with my awesome hair. I will be traveling from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, to keep my hair look great. See you all in August!!!

Kim M.