Cancer Wigs

Largest selection of high-quality wigs.

Largest selection of high-quality wigs.

Largest selection of high-quality wigs.

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100% customized Italian made wigs

Our wigs are specifically designed for any man or woman suffering from hair loss or hair loss due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

We start by using a breathable, incredibly scalp like foundation, which can be removed daily or permanently attached. Our wigs mimic the exact color, texture, and hairline of your own hair, all of our wigs are customized to each individual’s wishes and needs.

What makes our wigs very unique, is you could continue living your life without negatively affecting your self-esteem. You can swim and shower with the custom Chuck Alfieri Wig without worrying about the condition of your hair.

Chuck Alfieri has the largest selection of European made wigs in the South East United States. All of our wigs are imported from the best factories in Italy. Each wig is fitted, cut & styled by highly skilled stylists and technicians. 

Our wigs are made with only the best quality European human hair. The foundation of the wig is custom-fitted for your own head. Which unlike other wigs, which can be a one-size-fits-all stretch wig. This means our wigs will fit you better, they look better, and they feel better on your head.

Once your hair starts to recover, we will start a low light laser therapy treatment. Micro-extensions to replace your custom wig at this stage are recommended. This will help speed up the recovery time of your real hair, while also giving you a hair solution that looks great while your real hair grows back.

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If you are experiencing hair loss, and you are looking for the very best wig then you must check out the Chuck Alfieri Collection. 


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