Wig Services

Wig Services

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Extend the life of your custom wig or hair system

Our highly skilled service department will maintain the beauty and integrity of your wig through your recovery. We encourage all of our clients to come in monthly for maintenance which will consist of washing, conditioning, and professionally grooming your wig. If you choose to permanently attach your wig, the wig will be removed, you’ll have a thorough scalp treatment and wash. Laser therapy is recommended. Your wig at this point will be reattached and styled. We find our clients are extremely happy with the outcome when the wig is properly maintained. Many grooming products are available as well, your stylist will make some suggestions.

We will also be evaluating your hair recovery and make suggestions regarding your regrowth treatments to help stimulate and speed up healthy, new hair growth.

We also service wigs that were not purchased here if you are in need of a good stylist.

Please call Chuck Alfieri for your private consultation and appointment.

If you are experiencing hair loss, and you are looking for the very best wig then you must check out the Chuck Alfieri Collection. 


Call Chuck Alfieri for your private consultation. 

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