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If you are noticing concentrated thinning of your hair in specific regions then you may be suffering from thinning hair.  This can be a result of a wide range of conditions ranging from stress and age to hormonal imbalances and/or an illness.  It’s important to identify the cause of your thinning hair as soon as you can because in many cases it can be easily treated if found at an early stage.  Another important reason why is because thinning hair can be the result of a serious illness or malnourishment. 

Thin Hair Solutions for Women

There are countless solutions available to treat thinning hair. We help treat your thinning hair at its cause while also providing you with options to look and feel great as soon as you walk out of the salon. We give you the option to hide your thinning hair while getting treatment for it so no one has to know your hair is thinning.   You can walk out of our salon with beautiful, long hair in a matter of hours so you can regain your confidence all while receiving treatment for your thinning hair.

Thin Hair Solutions for Men

Thinning hair can be embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be a life-time sentence. As a male, your thinning hair can be a result of a variety of things, but we identify it’s cause and provide you with result-driven options to fight your thinning hair.  You can also walk out of our salon with a new head of hair while your actual hair is recovering from its thin state, this way no one has to see or be aware of your thinning hair. 

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