Integration Microline System

Integration Microline System Adds Unbelievable Fullness to Extremely Thin Hair

This product was designed for the women with extreme hair loss it is much healthier than wearing a wig, and we can utilize all of you own existing hair and can be used from 3 to 6 months this is one of our specialties services which requires highly skilled technicians and stylists.

“Microlines-system”: An exclusive specialty by Chuck Alfieri. Microlines have been developed specially for women with very thin hair on top of the head. This hair often starts thinning with increasing age, sometimes even to the point of the appearance of bald spots. This unattractive loss of hair density can lead to severe emotional problems and consideraly reduce the quality of woman’s life.

The Microlines-system provides help. A microline is a micro-fine virtually invisible hairnet with 100% human hair hand-tied to it. This net is then attached to your own natural hair with a bonding process. The Hair on the Microline is matched to your own hair in terms of color, structure and length. The result is a full and natural looking hairstyle.

After the initial application, you need to visit Alfieri’s salon every 4-6 weeks to “tighten” your microline. During this process, your stylist carefully removes the bonding points and then re-attaches the microline again close to the scalp. This ensures a secure hold and comfortable fit allowing you to do anything you like: whether it is sports or swimming – there are no limitations!

Ideal for thin and fine hair: Integration Microline System is attached by a none damaging laser attachment. We are the only salon in the Southeast who uses this product.

Let Salon Alfieri show you that thin hair is no longer necessary. Chuck Alfieri and his team will create a fantastic new look for you it’s just a phone call away, please book your appointment for consultation and look at our virtual gallery of styles we are sure you will love it.

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