Low Light Laser Therapy

Low Light Laser Therapy The Science of Hair Growth

Laser Phototherapy Hair Growth Technology – (Low Light Laser Therapy – LLLT)

* Clinically proven * FDA Approved * Doctor Recommended


Clinical Studies Results

Clinical studies show that  laser hair growth treatment* users experienced:

  • Significant hair growth with an average increase in hair count of 149 additional hairs per sq. in.
  • Reversal of the thinning process
  • Increased density and fullness
  • A substantial decrease in hair fallout
  • Increased rate of hair growth.
  • More manageability of the hair.
  • Overall better quality and condition of hair.

Low Laser Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Laser Hair therapy is the newest and most-advanced non-surgical hair growth treatment available. It utilizes low-level cool laser light to stimulate blood flow, follicle growth and hair growth. Thinning hair, baldness and problems associated with the scalp. LHT is a medically tested, effective and proven method using low level laser energy, or “soft” laser light to effectively treat and control problem hair loss.

Laser light hair therapy uses low-level cool laser rays directly on the scalp. There are no thermal (or heat) components that might cause cut, burn inner tissue. Laser light therapy stimulates the red blood supply to the scalp. The added supply of red blood cells then gives oxygen and nutrients to the scalp area. This stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation, which creates a healthy environment for your own hair to grow. Hair may appear thicker, fuller and healthier.

A non-surgical hair restoration, has been scientifically documented and has been successful in many patients .see clinical studies This is the most natural non-surgical replacement hair restoration program on the market today. Eliminating hair loss has never been easier with Laser light hair therapy.

LHT was developed in Europe for the treatment of hair loss and diseases of the scalp. The treatment delivers light energy directly from rotating laser positions designed to increase the blood flow to the scalp. The laser therapy functions on the scientific principals of photo bio-therapy; where the laser light stimulates cell metabolism and causes damaged cells to be repaired. This breakthrough technology has been featured on national newscasts across the country. Physicians are praising this technology as an effective treatment to combat hair loss.

Increases blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment.
Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of the patients.
Stimulates re-growth of hair.
Repairs and improves hair shaft quality resulting in a 25% increase in volume.
Dramatically prolongs the life of hair color and perms.
Relieves irritating scalp conditions.
When used post-operatively with hair transplantation, the newly transplanted hair follicles can forego their dormancy stage.

The energy produced by the photons does not have the thermal or heat component to cause burn injuries seen with other laser devices. This is a healing laser. Laser light energy does not change or alter molecular structures; it stimulates the body’s mechanism to repair and heal itself.


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